Nouf Jewellery is a Qatari brand. It offers a wide range of diverse & unique items made with different materials & precious stones. The brand is simple, yet creative.
Nouf Jewellery address the spirit of oriental feminism.

The Qatari jewellery designer Nouf Al-Meer has effectively translated her talent in drawing to high standard jewellery which evokes the spirit of feminism and blends western fashion and essentials of oriental feminism. All in all, it may be classified under "prestigious simplicity" and high quality professionalism, depending on her "special style" and a purely feminine approach.
The designer Nouf Al-Meer's pieces reflect both originality and gallantry, and possess the ability to draw the attention of others and render them spellbound.
The diversity includes pieces for all ages and events, notwithstanding the uniqueness of every individual piece.

Nouf Al-Meer takes her inspiration from her surroundings: nature, environment as well as her social interaction with people. Even periodical occasions such as the "National Day" can be a source of inspiration. To celebrate this latest occasion, Al-Meer produced a wonderful creation, "Qatar", which consisted of bracelets and rings bearing the colors of the Qatari flag.